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TDM between AD1401 and AD1940 eval boards

Question asked by KJBob on Sep 9, 2013
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     I've been able to send I2S stereo audio from a AD1401 eval board to a AD1940d board by connecting them as described in


     Now I'd like to try sending  TDM audio across the same interface, but cannot make it work.  As far as I can tell, the wiring between the boards as well as the boards' jumper settings remain the same for I2S and TDM.  After setting both chips' register controls for TDM, I find that the -1401 board is not sending any data to the -1940 board.


     I attached the project file for each board:


          1401 -- Two channels of analog in, straight to two used channels (out of eight) TDM

          1940 -- TDM in, two channels out to analog



     I'm hoping someone could look at the register settings therein and see what's wrong.