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Configuring Altera FPGA from the BF532

Question asked by jeg on Sep 9, 2013
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I would like to configure an Altera Cyclone FPGA from a BF532/BF533 using either Passive Serial (1-bit) or Fast Passive Parallel (8-bit) modes.  My first thought would be to use a serial port for PS-mode or the BlackFin's PPI port for FPP-mode.  FPP-mode would be preferable due to significant difference in the configuration time.


In either case, the FPGA requires a config enable line (nCONFIG), a bit clock (DCLK), and data lines (DATA[7:0] or DATA[0]).  When complete, the FPGA asserts a CONF_DONE flag.


Is it possible to configure the FPGA using a serial port and/or PPI port?  I could use a pair of programmable flags on the BF532 to set nCONFIG and read CONF_DONE.  DCLK and DATA[0] could use the serial port for PS-mode.  DCLK and DATA[7:0] could use the PPI-port in FPP-mode, but I'm not clear on how I could toggle DCLK with each byte written to the FPGA.


I have looked at the example provided in the EZ FPGA Extender, but this does not provide any clues.  This board uses a Spartan III FPGA, but more importantly it appears to utilize an active serial configuration from Flash rather than passive configuration mode from the DSP.