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SSM2603 Software Control Interface Reads

Question asked by MRKent on Sep 8, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by HenryJin

I have an BF518F EZ-BOARD that I am working on for an interface with the SSM2603.  The I2C port is running and the bus data recorded by an LSA matches Figure 29 in the data sheet.  The problem is that the data seen by the software and what was in the LSA capture is always the current value for register 0x00 no matter what register was addressed.  In a driver implementation for the SSM2603 I noticed a note that the SSM2603 registers are write-only and that driver used memory to track the current state of each register.  The fact that I always get back the proper value for one register doesn't make me confident that the component simply doesn't support reads.


Can anyone confirm that the value of the registers on the SSM2603 can indeed be read from the I2C software control interface?