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Complete ADV7612 Register Map

Question asked by spirov on Sep 6, 2013
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1. Can i get your reaction (besides widened eyes and scratch of the head) to our plan to read every single register out of the 7612 and write them back in to the 7612?   What are the bad things that can happen if we do that?

2. On a smaller scale, we plan to write to the 7612 in 32bit (4 register) chunks.  So for example, the ADI recommended writes to HDMI registers 85 and 87 with values 1f and 70 respectively would be accomplished by writing 70001f00 to the 32bit span of registers 87 to 84.

I picked 00 for registers 85 and 86 because those registers arent document anywhere.   Is this dangerous?  (not just for this case, but in general)