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Question asked by UKFAE1 Employee on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by raymondcarter

I have a series of questions posed in regard to Secam mode operation recently observed.


We are seeing sub-carrier breakthrough into Luma – something that we did not notice previously on the Eval board, as it is visually different and difficult to see on that platform.  It is particularly noticeable, as a scrolling pattern, when converting the decoded SECAM back to PAL


a) Is SECAM sub-carrier breakthrough into Luma a known issue?

b) Is there a workaround?

c) If not, is it possible to change any parameters that influence the Luma filtering in SECAM mode, so that we might be able to reduce this effect?  If so, please could you point us at the relevant registers.

d) Rather than running the decoder in auto-detect mode, if we configure for a SECAM input, can we optimise the settings?