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CN0272:how to open the PCB file?

Question asked by danilliu on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by JFitzger

hi,every one.


Is there any body can tell me how to open the PCB file in the CN0272(2 MHz Bandwidth PIN Photodiode Preamp with Dark Current Compensation )?

I have ask this question from email to the tech support, it replied "You  could use PADs 5 to run the files.", but I tried to using PowerPCB version 5.00 to open the EVAL-CN0272-SDPZ-PADLayout-RevC.pcb file, it saids "Job not compatible with current version of program!" , am I chosed the wrong software or wrong version?


thks for any help.


Liu Shiming