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ADIS16364 Filter Setup

Question asked by lmo on Sep 5, 2013
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I'm using a ADIS16364 in a project. When starting to test the unit it was possible to set different measurement ranges and filter taps but now the commands are not longer recognized by the ADIS16364 (it seems). The output signal is noisy ( about +/- 0.8degrees) and range seems the same regardless of setting.


I have tried the following settings:


0xb904 - 0xb907 (75 deg range)

0xba02 - 0xba07 (150 deg range)

0xbc01- 0xbc07 (300 deg range)


Are these commands valid? I have tried factory reset without luck. Data is read by "Burst Read" and SPI run at 625kHz.  


Any ideas?