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For using internal EDID of ADV7611W.

Question asked by Tamu on Sep 5, 2013
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I have two questions about internal EDID setting for ADV7611W.

Please refer attached file "ADV7611-VER.2.9c.txt".
I think we can use the ## EDID ## section from line 899 to line 1163 on the attached file.


Question 1.
About from line 1158 to line 1161, it has descriptions as follows:

64 77 00 ; Set the Most Significant Bit of the SPA location to 0
64 52 20 ; Set the SPA for port B.
64 53 00 ; Set the SPA for port B.
64 70 9E ; Set the Least Significant Byte of the SPA location

I can not see any details of these registers on your manual documents.
Do we have to set these registers for internal EDID setting?
If yes, could you tell me what these registers mean?


Question 2.
About line 1162, "64 74 03 ; Enable the Internal EDID for Ports",
Is only "64 74 03" required for using internal EDID?
Is there any other required register for that?


Thank you.

Best regards.