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Write buffer depth

Question asked by gmit on Sep 4, 2013
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Recently, I've noticed the 'IPRIO Register and Write Buffer Depth' topic at the page 6-39 of the 'Blackfin Processor Programming Reference manual'.


I cannot know for sure until tried, but, I would say that I could benefit of having 8 words deep write buffer (instead of two words) while running my user code. Are my thoughts correct?


The trouble is, I don't know how to set this up, so, if anyone could assist me, I would appreciate it.



I have a BF526 processor that gets initialized with basic VDSP startup code; I don't use any interrupts, nor I have any underling OS (no threads or similar).


I've tried to raise an interrupt and run my code from it, but, the interrupt doesn't seem to happen... I've tried with different levels, but no change. As far as I was able to see in the VDSP startup code, this code runs from the user mode.


extern int main2();

int (*main2ptr)() = main2;


    "[P0] = P1;\n"

    "R0 = [P2];\n"

    "R0 = R0 | R1;\n"

    "[P0] = R0;\n"

    "RAISE 15;\n"

    ".aa1: JUMP .aa1;\n"


    : "P0"(0xFFE0203C), "P1"(main2ptr), "P2"(0xFFE02104), "R1"(0xffff/*0x4000*/)

    : "R0"