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HDMI and HDCP issues

Question asked by GrahamJ on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by bragar

I'm designing an HDMI to analogue component video converter for a one-off application - ie not for mass-production.  It will take HDMI directly from an HD Handycam at 1080i/25 resolution.


I've seen the post from DaveD saying that you don't need to be an HDCP licensee if you use "no-key" versions, which is good!  I'm looking at the AD9398, which appears to be a "no-key" version - can someone just confirm this for me please?


Secondly, I am assuming that the HDMI from a Handycam will not be encrypted - is this correct?


Finally, if the answers to the above are yes, I intend to get an Eval board, but can find little tech info online - ie a datasheet, or even a description of what the Eval board comprises.


I would be very grateful for any help with these questions - thanks.