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Blackfin Boot Process

Question asked by whogoesthere on Sep 4, 2013
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I'm developing a custom Blackfin 533 board based on the 533 EZ-KIT. The circuit is largely identical to the EZ-KIT except for the replacement of the 2 FLASH devices on the EZ-KIT with a single M29W320DB70N3F FLASH device since the former is now expensive and difficult to locate. The SDRAM used is the same device used on the EZ-KIT ie the MT48LC32M16A2TG-75. All memory mappings are identical.


I used an EZ-KIT 533 to develop my application software so that I would be developing on known (good) hardware. This process worked well and I can download and successfully test my application on my EZ-KIT 533.


Upon completing the new hardware, I developed a test harness application which will test out the hardware on the new board (UART, CODEC, LEDS etc). To download this test harness I modified the  M29W320 FLASH driver provided for the 537 EZ-KIT and reconfigured it for a 533 device, After compiling the M29W320 driver I can now successfully download my test harness application to my new board and observe the hardware being tested. All works well up to this point.


I am incrementally moving from my hardware test harness to my application code. When I include a module which contains a declaration which is in the SDRAM address space and the application tries to write to that location, the build process comes up with the message "[Warning ld0151]: You may need to specify an initialization file (.dxe) to set up the registers for external memory initialization. I am not utilising the SDRAM prior to this point at which I encounter a problem.


the code is ......

section("sdram0") long fract preamble0255d[256];

and the linker log is

Input section         .\Debug\Sequences define.doj(sdram0)          :0x0



I've copied all of the the settings in project options (including the LDF and startup code settings) from my original development on the EZ-KIT but still encounter this problem. The build warning message doesnt happen on my ez-kit nor does the problem. I don't understand why I'm getting this warning and failure when my target hardware and memory configuration is largely identical to the ez-kit.


Hope you can help !

Many thanks

Ian Whitehouse