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ADE7880 Harmonic Calculations at different frequencies

Question asked by pRaTs on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by hmani

Hi all,

     I am evaluating ADE7880 for my project.I am facing some issue with harmonic calculations.The datasheet of ADE7880 specifies fundamental line frequency from 45Hz to 66Hz.When I reset the SELFREQ bit in COMPMODE register and give line frequency as 50Hz,everything in harmonic calculation works fine.But as i changes the input frequency little bit,say by 1 hz,the calculations get wrong.More i deviate the frequency from 50 Hz more the readings get worst.I have set HSTIME and HRATE as 1250 ms and 1.024sec respectively.Also i am using the settings for HRCFG as 0 in HCONFIG register.So how ADE7880 detects fundamental frequecy for harmonic calculations?Is there any settings for ADE7880 to specify fundamental line frequency?Or the harmonics are calculated for fundamental frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz only?