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URGENT HELP REQD,What is the maximum curent drawn from AD5932 Eval Board.

Question asked by Rahul_Vijay on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by LouijieC

Dear Friends,


i am baby in elctronics and would liketo seek you help for a project.


I am using an Eval Ad5932 board for generating sinewave 500 khz-2MHZ , Voltage p-p - 70 milli volts (checked in oscillioscope). This waveform will be given to a coil which requires 1-10mill amp max current.


The board is connected to the Desktop pc and  from the software i m just selcting the desired sinewave and i am getting it.


now My Question is  can i get a mximum of 10 mill amp current from the AD5932 EVAL  Board or i have to use something else like OPAMP etc.


pls reply,I need the urgent help.


Best Regards,


Rahul Vijay