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ADXL362, activities under each mode.

Question asked by usaghi on Sep 2, 2013
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We have saveral questions about how ADXL362 is going to be acting in some mode, a bit further from what described in datasheet,

as well as Activity/Inactivity Operation Example of (ADXL362 Interrupt Animation.pptx) which is attached in the thread shown in below.



Q1) Under Reference Mode, reference value is updated to data next to the instance which activity/inactivity interrupt occurs.

In this case, user can not control and presume what value are set to as new reference.

We believe there is no option to know the reference values, so only way to control the reference value is reset this activity and return to initial state.

Could you please let us know which ways to do this(reset and return to initial state) ?

We believe toggle ACT_EN of 0x27 may restart activity detection again from scratch, and please let us know if there is other ways.


Q2) Wake-Up Mode, Default Mode, Activity detection, Reference mode.

When detecting activity, it will switch into measurement mode as described in datasheet page.13., but how is after switching into measurement mode ?

We assume it will continue in measurement mode unless there is setting change, but please confirm.


Q3) Wake-Up Mode, Link/Loop Mode, Reference mode, Autosleep Disabled.

a) When activity is detected from Wake-Up mode, it will go into measurement mode, even if Autosleep is disabled ?

b) If it is yes, it goes into measurement mode with inactivity detection phase.

Afterward, we assume it is continue to be in measurement mode and there is no transition to wake-up mode because of Autosleep is disabled, but please confirm.


Q4) Reference values.

By reading datasheet, we believe reference values are hold by each of three axes, X,Y, and Z, as well as each of activity and inactivity.

So totally 6 reference values are there inside the device, we are assuming, so please confirm ?


Q5) Reference values.

Do we have any ways to access to the reference values in real time ? Please could you confirm.


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