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Input Voltage Range of ADA4433-1W.

Question asked by Tamu on Sep 2, 2013
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I have some questions about ADA4433-1W.


Question 1.
I think minus voltage level can not input to Vin+, Vin-.
Is this right?


Question 2.
On datasheet P.4, there are following descriptions:

Input Common-Mode Voltage Range
ADA4433-1W only: TMIN to TMAX 0 to 2.0 0 to 2.5 V
Conditions: TA = 25°C, +VS = 3.3 V, V.IN = 0.5 V, RL = 150 Ω, unless otherwise specified.


When we use +VS = 2.8V, could you tell me what voltage the Input Common-Mode Voltage Range is?


Question 3.
Please tell me input amplitude possible range when +VS = 2.8V.
For example, when a signal which the bottom of the sync level is 1.7V inputs to the Vin+,
the max level is 2.7V because of 1Vp-p.
In this case, can ADA4433-1W receive the max 2.7V signal when +VS = 2.8V?

Also, in this case, what voltage should Vin- be set to?
Is it same as the bottom of the sync level, 1.7V? or 1.7+0.5V=2.2V?


Thank you!
Best regards.