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ADIS16480 - How to restore complete factory configuration?

Question asked by Messknecht on Aug 31, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by NevadaMark

We develop a platform stabilisation application with ADIS16480. First, ADIS16480 was connected to an ATXMega192A3U controller and all worked fine: We could change registers, read Euler angles etc. A small movement during initialisation (ship in harbour) could be corrected by executing EKF Reset, i.e. gyro drift was estimated correctly.


Later we changed to an embedded linux system. Due to problems with the available linux SPI routines (not full duplex now), a lot of registers in the ADIS16480 have been overwritten accidentally.


Datasheet Table 9 provides the default register settings. So I could correct them all – except original filter data. They are not important for us.


But behaviour of ADIS16480 has changed. Initialisation process differs, compared to earlier. EKF no longer corrects for small gyro drift properly.


Some more overwritten undocumented internal registers could be the reason.


So further development with this device makes no sense for us, because this software is not valid for other devices, perhaps.


What can I do to restore all factory settings and register data to is original state, including filter data?


Can you provide me a complete list of all accessible registers with corresponding factory settings?