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ADV7511 Reference Design for KC705 Development Board

Question asked by airturk on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by rejeesh

Dear Members and the Employees of Analog Devices;


I am trying to use ADV7511 reference design on KC705 using ISE 14.6. However the design stops working if I regenerate the netlist & bitstream for the given designs WITHOUT any modifications.


Here is what I do:

1) I got all the files from the github, and the ISE project files


2) Using the SDK\SDK_Workspace\hw\system.bit and SDK\SDK_Workspace\hw\system_bd.bmm, I program the FPGA. Everything works great! I can see the image and change resolution.


3) I generate the netlist and the bitstream in EDK environment. Please note that I didn't make any changes. If I program the FPGA with these new files, \implementation\system.bit and implementation\system_bd.bmm. Please note that I didn't export hardware design to SDK. I used the old hw and bsps in the SDK_Workspace. I bet this is not recommended, but I didn't change anything in the EDK architecture anyways. Well, when I run the software, software runs perfectly! Image is there, and I can change the resolution.


4) However I like to "Export Hardware Design to SDK" and see it working because I will be doing some changes in the EDK in the future but not yet, Anyways, I click on the  "Export Hardware Design to SDK" IN EDK. Then I program the FPGA with SDK\SDK_Workspace\hw\system.bit and SDK\SDK_Workspace\hw\system_bd.bmm. I cleaned and recompiled the software code, the run the software. The code does not return from "ADIAPI_TxInit(TRUE);" Therefore no images, nothing.


When I compare the files, system.xml has some differences, most likely due to the ISE version since I use ISE 14.6 rather than 14.4.


Since 3 works up there I am assuming that there is nothing grossly wrong with upgrading cores to 14.6, but when I "Export Hardware Design to SDK", SDK does not work anymore.


I have tried to solve this for the last 4 days with no avail. I would greatly appreciate your help to resolve this because I am trying to make a decision to use this chip in our next platform or not.


Great weekend to everybody,