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how do i decrease Iq with adp160

Question asked by Michael-C-L on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by LucaV

Hello Sir,

i have designed a power supply circuit based on ADP160AUJZ-3.0, the circuit diagram is below


PWR_BATT is Vin = 4.5V

PWR_RTC is Vout = 3.0V


The result is:

1. when load current is 3uA, Iq = 87uA

2. when no load on output port, Iq > 80uA

3. if  i  cut pin 3 from Vin, and connected  to gnd, Iq < 1uA


So i think there must be something wrong with my design. because Iq is more great than spec..

Please help me, thank you.