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ADV7393 cable detection

Question asked by daisu on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by daisu

Hello all,


When cable is connected or not connected to DAC1 output with video output,
address 0x10[0] is 0 which means cable detected.


DAC2 and DAC3 as attached circuit is not connected (NC). I use only DAC1.
(Please refer to attached ADV7393_Circuit.jpg file).


I refer block diagram of datasheet.
Datasheet says that the pin for cable detection is COMP pin and Reset pin.
(Please refer to attached ADV7393_BLK.jpg file).
Connected R and C is 2.2nF and 510 ohm (1%) as datasheet.


  Please teach me about algorithm of cable detection.
  Does this monitor current and voltage through drive?


  At below thread, we asked COMP pin of ADV7391.

  Then 3V3A was recommended  for COMP pin.
  Is 3V3A recommended for  COMP pin of ADV7393 as well as above URL question1 and 2 ?


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