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ad7792 configuration problem.

Question asked by prash on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by ChrisD.Rama

Hello all,


now days i am interfacing ad7792 to mc9s12P128 freescale micro controller.


here m faced lot of problems..

such as adc cant't work on larger clock pulse(greater than 1M/s)

my spi configuration is proper ways all requirements satisfies.

such as clock setting n slave selection.

basically i got three problems

when i configure 64khz clock at pin 2(clock), and both currents source on (IOUT1 and IOUT2). are not working.

MISO/RDY  pin not getting low.(if go low then no data available on MISO.)


my configuration as:


CS low

communication register = 0x08

mode regi =0x0049               ;continuous conversion mode, clock available on clock pin, and adc clock 16.7hz,Tsettle=120ms.

communication register = 0x10

config. regi=0x1080               ;unipolar, internal ref. and AIN+/-

communication register = 0x28

IOregi=0x03                         ;IOUT1=IOUT2=1ma



i hv seen all signals on DSO, which as correct as stated in datasheets., all going properly.....


Please help me.