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Help Reqd-Using EVAl board AD5932 for 1v p-p and 10ma current,

Question asked by Rahul_Vijay on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by Rahul_Vijay

dear sir,


I need a help in completing my Project of Magnetic Impediance analyzer. I am an enty level electronics person ,so need help to complete it.


The Analyser consist of a bridge of two coils in one arm and balancing potentiometer in other Arm. We have to feed a Regulated Sine wave of     (0-5 Mhz), 1 V P-P ,and  up to 10 ma Current to  the bridge.


For this purpose I recently  purchased EVAL AD5932(EVAL-AD5932EBZ). Further On running  Eval Board( USB interface) ,I was able to get  70 mill volts Peak- to peak and regulated 0-10 Mhz; know my Question is:-


1. I need 0-10 millamp current for my coil ,so Can it be drawn from Eval Board  or it will Damage the Board.I Tried searching inside datsheet but i could not figure out.

2. what is the maximum  peak to peak voltage we can get  fom eval board on USB interface?. Like can we get up to 1 V or  2 V peak to peak.if yes How?

3. should i use an Op-Amp for amplifying current and voltage ,I think it will not harm my Eval Board. Can you suggest suitable OpAmp.?I have  LT1357CN8 ,LT1014CNG4, AD8684ARZ, AD524AD  available ;Which one to be used or any other if you suggest.


Thank you fo your help.


Rahul Vijay