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AD9910 vs AD9912

Question asked by ecrean on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by sitti

I am interested in using the AD9912 for a IF radar application.  Frequency is 230 to 280 MHz in 1 MHz steps, controlled via serial interface.  Since we are using it for a low spur sine wave output, we don't need the clock drivers on the chip.  


1.  What is the approximate output power of the AD9912 DAC output? 

2.  Are the spurs and phase noise of the AD9912 comparable to the AD9910?  The data sheet seems to suggest so.

3.  From testing an AD9910 evaluation board a few years back, we found significant spur improvement if we overclocked the AD9910 at

1200 MHz.  Over the 230 to 280 MHz band, spurs were less than -70 dBc.  If we overclock the AD9912, what impact on reliability?



Ed C