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AD8397 SPICE Model

Question asked by SteveCohen42 on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by krisf

I am keenly interested in using the AD8397 op-amps in a motion-control application for resolver-drive.  I am trying to model the circuit with a range of loads to evaluate stability, etc., but am having difficulties with the SPICE model for the AD8397.  In particular, node 9 of the model does not appear to make any connection beyond the Ecmr line:


Ecmr    10    9    603    0    1.000E+00


So the question is - is the correct behavior to ignore this error / comment out that line, or should there be another connection to node 9 somewhere else?  I expect one of the ADI op-amp wizards will know right away, thus this post rather than drawing the circuit and trying to work out what should really be going on here.