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ADuM540x Silicon Errata

Question asked by rossj on Aug 29, 2013
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I have recently encountered a problem with some of our products based on the ADuM5401. It turned out that there was a sprinkling (9) of old stock of these parts (date code #0830) while most are date code (#1315). (This was our old stock not our supplier's). The problem had to do with the regulated voltage being incorrect if Viso was non-zero when the ADuM5401 was powered up. I have seen mention that this was a problem corrected from date code #12??. So I can work around it by adding a load resistor to ensure a zero Viso at power up.


My question is whether there is a published Silicon Errata for these parts? If so, where can I find it? If not, are there any specific issues I need to be aware of when using this old version (other than the issue I mentioned above)? I have seen mention of an ftp site at that may have had such information, but that no longer seems to be accessible.


Regards, Ross.