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ADV7623 OSD Resolutions

Question asked by Clarke on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal
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I refered to CEA-861-D (Table3 Video Formats - Video ID Code and Aspect Ratios).

But I could not understand the corresspondance between the codes and OSD resolution.

That is because osdResolutions in OSD tool has only 7 options(480i,480p,576i,576p,720p,1080i,1080p) while there are 59 codes.

Could you kindly fill in the osdResolutions columns in the attached Q1_VIC_TO_RX_to_osdResolutions.xlsx by chosing the option in the columns.

Please refer to the display capture shown in the right side of the excel page for the scale setting(Resolution settings or zoom for characters etc.) .


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