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ADE7878 Angle Selection - Instantaneous Angle Register Update?

Question asked by ProgrammerAndy on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by hmani

The ANGLESEL bits of COMPMODE allow you to change between three modes for measuring angles via the results provided in the ANGLE0, ANGLE1, and ANGLE2 registers.  The modes are voltage-current, voltage-voltage, and current-current.


When we issue a command to change ANGLESEL, do the ANGLE registers update immediately with the new values, or does the ADE7878 have to take new data over an input cycle? 


In other words, if I am voltage-voltage angle mode and read some valid voltage angle measurements, if I then switch to current-current angle mode, can I immediately issue a subsequent command and expect to read the current-current angles?  Or would I have to wait a cycle or so before the angle registers update?  If the latter, would the angle data still show the voltage-voltage angle for awhile before current-current angle data was taken?