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ADAU1701 routing the ADC out and back in again?

Question asked by Musaic on Aug 28, 2013
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I have an application where I need to access (actually tap off) the output of the inbuilt (Main not Auxiliary) A/D converter before the digitised signal then goes through the DSP for further processing and out again to an external I2S input amplifier (TI TAS5701).


Looking at the data and Sigmastudio it looks as if the A/D can be routed out on MP6  / SDATA_OUT0 (Digo and Dig1) and branch externally to my circuit whilst also being sent back in via MP0 / SDATA_IN0 (channels 2/3) - obviously I would need to take care in the PCB layout.


Then I need just need to make the BCLK and L/RCLK connections from MP10 to MP4 and MP11 to MP5 with the outputs set in Master mode.


Am I right?