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ADV7391 black bar test pattern

Question asked by daisu on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by daisu

Hello all,


ADV7391 outputs the waveform as attachment (RIMG0018.JPEG)
when setting about black bar test pattern is below.
We see noisy in magnified image.
Image is saturated when we check this image at monitor


  We use below register settings.
  Please let me know about any register settings to avoid above noise issue .
  0x00   0x1C
  0x82   0xCB
  0x84   0x40
  0x02   0x24
  0x31     0x04


   If there is problem with attached output circuit(ADV7391_BLK.jpg), please let me know your advice.


   If this issue is noise generated by circuit design and we need improvement of GND or power supply to avoid this,
   Please let me know your advice.

  * Power supply is DC stabilized power supply about each power supply.

     But , there is no change.


Best Regards,