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ADV7611 eval board I2C issues and jumper configuration

Question asked by kaly on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by joe.triggs



We recently purchased a EVAL-ADV7611EB1Z kit through AVNET. I setup the kit per the documentation and the board passes 1080p HDMI through fine, right out of the box.


However, I'm having some issue communicating with the board using the DVPEval 1.5.2.exe software. When I try to connect to the board, I see a number of i2C timeout error messages pop up. When I click around the different register map tabs I also get that same message. If I try to load any scripts to the board, the system appears to hang.


If I look closely at the documentation, the jumper configuration in the documentation picture is different from what we received. On our board, the AUD_RESET jumper and the top 3 pairs of the 12 position header have jumpers installed, the rest are open. Reading the manual and seeing the other posts on this board, should at least position A of K7 have a jumper installed?


Also, what is the function of switch S3 for the SW_ENABLE? It's not mentioned in the documentation anywhere.


- Kaly