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Question asked by aswain571 on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by rejeesh

I recently purchased one of your ad-fmcjesdadc1-ebz rapid development boards and I am having trouble incorporating it into my design.  I am using a Xilinx ZC706 Development board and I have looked at your reference design for that particular board.  I cannot find any documentation on how to incorporate the FMC card into a custom design.  All I want to do is set the ADC clock rate and take the ADC data into the FPGA on the ZC706 for further processing.  The reference design seems to just write the data to a DMA.  One option I was considering is only using the peripherals that pertain to my design (axi_ad9250, axi_jesd204b_rx4, util_cpld, and util_jesdbuf), and modifying the axi_ad9250 to output the ADC data rather than writing it to the DMA.  Is this a viable option?  I am open to any recommendations.