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ADV7391 I/O pin

Question asked by daisu on Aug 28, 2013
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Hello all,


  Please let me know the function of Pin#23 COMP.


  Noise on image is decreased when we connect electrolytic capacitor of 100uF to COMP pin and GND.
  Image quality is not improved  when we connect electrolytic capacitor of 2.2nF to 3.3V  power supply pin as described in datasheet.
  Is there no problem with connecting capacitor of 100nF to COMP and GND ?

  Datasheet says that PIN#16  EXT_LF pin is connected to 12nF, 170ohm and 150nF.
  We connect 10nF, 170ohm and 150nF to PIN#16 EXT_LF pin.
  Does above affect image quality ?


Question 4
  We pull up Pin#25 SEL/MISO at 10Kohm and 3.3V.
  Is there problem with above?

  What does datasheet figure 2 CONTROL OUTPUTS ?


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