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About thermal resistance

Question asked by Tarzan on Aug 27, 2013

Hi there,

Sorry for uploading many questions today.

I have things to confirm about thermal resstance.



As for the thermal resistance section of ADP2118's datasheet,

θ JA  is measured using natural convection on a JEDEC 4-layer

board, and the exposed pad is soldered to the printed circuit

board with thermal vias.

---> what is the natural convenciton on a JEDEC 4-layer? What  are JEDEC material we can reffer to?


#2, I think  a JEDEC 4-layer board does not have thermal via spec.

Is it normal to mesure θja with therml vias for JEDEC 4-layer board?


#3, ADP2441's datasheet does not menton "thermal via" compared to ADP2118.

(Please take a look at the attached file)

I'd like to make sure if JEDEC 4-layer board for ADP2441 has thermal vias or not?

If it has not vias, is there any specific reason?


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