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Minimum Inductor Value of ADP2118

Question asked by Tarzan on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Tarzan

Hi everyone.

I have a question about ADP2118.
I'm useing ADP2118 in  the following condiiton; Vin-5V, Vout-3.3V(Duty: about 0.7).
But how should I caluculate Minimum vallue of INDUCTOR?
I can't find any caluculating fomula on the datasheet.


I also consder ADP2164, but I can't find the infromatoin on minimum value of Inductor.
Please tell me if the calucuating fomula is the same as ADP2118.


The datasheet just say something like that;
The ADP2118 uses slope compensation in the current loop to prevent subharmonic oscillations when the duty cycle is larger than 50%.
The internal slope compensation limits the minimum inductor value.


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