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Question about ADSP21479 Slave TWI

Question asked by nlsa001 on Aug 26, 2013
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I plan to use ADSP21479's Slave TWI communicate with a micro-controller. When wrote the code I found a question the Slave ACK operation. I don't know the ACK is operated by hardware or software. In the TWISCTL, there is TWINAK and it is RW bit. How and when to operate this bit? If I need to use it send ACK for a successful address or data receiving by clear it,  how it is restored for next transaction?


Right now I am using "polling" to do the operation. For a data receiving, can I just poll TWIGC for Slave Address Match and then poll TWIRXS for a data receiving? Or I need do something  more?


I only found a Master TWI code example, would you please give a example about Slave TWI?


Thank you in advance,