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AD9548 on FMCOMMS1 not working

Question asked by elektron2002 on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by elektron2002

I use Avnet ZedBoar and AD-FMCOMMS1. I have  trouble with AD9548. From ZedBoard I give 100Mhz LVDS on RefA/RefAA inputs AD9548. I need 100Mhz clock on OUT1. I set all registers with parameters from reference design. But in that design not set Profile parameters. I set Profile 0 to next parameters:

0x600=00; 0x601=0x80; 0x602=0x96; 0x603=0x98; 0x604=0x00; 0x605=0x00; 0x606=0x00; 0x607=0x00; 0x608=0x10; 0x609=0x27; 0x60A=0x00; 0x60B=0xA0; 0x60C=0x0F; 0x60D=0x00; 0x60E=0x88; 0x60F==0x13; 0x610=0x00; 0x611=0x00; 0x612=0x8C; 0x613=0xF0; 0x614=0x08; 0x615=0x66; 0x616=0x82; 0x617=0x36; 0x618=0x89; 0x619=0x4E; 0x61A=0x1B; 0x61B=0x50; 0x61C=0xF0; 0x61D=0x06; 0x61E=0x0F; 0x61F=0x00; 0x620=0x00; 0x621=0x00; 0x622=0x0F; 0x623=0x00; 0x624=0x00; 0x625=0x00; 0x626=0x00; 0x627=0x00; 0x628=0x00; 0x629=0xD5; 0x62A=0x33; 0x62B=0x0F; 0x62C=0x1E; 0x62D=0x64; 0x62E=0x00; 0x62F=0x00; 0x630=0x20; 0x631=0x44;


But no frequency on OUT1. System CLK is lock and stable (register 0xD01), but in registers 0xD0C and 0xD0D digits 0x87. How can be bits FAST and SLOW simultaneously? Please give working parameters of profile.