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zedboard + fmcomms1 data storage

Question asked by rjrj851212 on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by mhennerich


Nowadays, we used zedboard + fmcomms1 daughter board to do prototype, and have several questions on it.

  1. Where the ADC and DAC raw data stored in the reference design? Are they stored in the DDR3?
  2. I want to analyze the ADC data on computer, also, generate the DAC data on computer and then broadcast them through fmcomms1. As this transition between zed and computer, and also the large amount of raw data, I think we can only store the data on SD card. Is it possible for PL logic to make a DMA write/read access to SD card directly? What's about the max speed of this operation, bps or B/s? Could PS part access SD card and display the data on the monitor through HDMI? What about this max speed? Is there any reference codes/design for these operations?

Any help is appreciated.