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adxl362: trouble getting GUI for eval kit

Question asked by tommasino on Aug 25, 2013
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  I just got an eval kit for the '362 (EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP), and after installing USB drivers and connecting the main board I reached the instruction, in user's manual, calling for installation of the GUI (which I assume includes test code for the accelerometer's several functions).

  Here I am stalled.  User manual says

"The run-time engine installer can be

found in the /Run Time Engine/ folder on the ADI website. To

run the software GUI installation routine, double-click the

setup.exe file located in the /ADXL362 Evaluation Software/

folder on the website."


  I don't know what the manual refers to.  A search of the website finds neither "Run Time Engine" nor "ADXL362 Evaluation Software"


  Can you tell me where to find these essential files, so that I can use the eval kit?


  I find ADI's documentation utterly baffling (starting with the weird fact that the kit arrives with no paper documentation at all; I had to search the ADI site even to find the user manual).