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Using the Sample Design on VC707 for ADV7511

Question asked by airturk on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by rejeesh

Dear Members and Engineers;


I have three question related to using your example design provided to be run on VC707 with ADV7511.


1) The design files are provided for ISE 14.4, is there any way that you can provide the design files for ISE 14.6 - the latest ISE version? Or do you think letting EDK upgrade the cores once it is first opened in ISE 14.6 would be enough?


2) I don't have a monitor with HDMI in, but it has DVI. Would your sample code work fine if I were to use a converter from HDMI to DVI and connect it to my screen?


3) I tried the run the provided bat file, here is what I received from the uart:



  ADI HDMI Trasmitter Application Ver R1.1.1

  HDMI-TX:  ADV7511 Rev 0x12

  Created:  May 17 2013 At 14:21:41


Mute audio and video.

APP: Driver Enabled

HPD changed to LOW

MSEN changed to LOW

Mute audio and video.


As far as I see there are no DDR writes. Could this be because I am trying to use DVI converter?

Would you be able to tell what is going wrong and how I can correct it?


Any help is appreciated.