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Using EVAL-AD5791SDZ as DC Source for AD9266-20EBZ

Question asked by lizzy1637 on Aug 23, 2013
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so I'm not really sure if I should ask this question here or the High Precision DAC section...but I'll just try here first. I want to apply a DC signal to the AD9266-20EBZ, but as now of the signal generators I have available are precise enough for what I have in mind, I was thinking of using the 20bit-DAC AD5791 (with the corresponding Evaluation Board). Both Boards have SMA connectors but just by looking at the circuits I don't think I can simply connect them. There's probably going to be a problem with impedance mismatch and fitting the output range of the EVAL-AD5791SDZ to the input range of the AD9266-20EBZ.

So can anyone give me some ideas on how I can match those two together while not adding a lot of additional noise to the ADC? If it's even possible?