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An undefined instruction has been encountered (Exception with EXCAUSE=0x21)

Question asked by Bill.Xie on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by Bill.Xie

Hi, everybody

    I use CCES for BF609. If not add new code, my program work fine. If  add new code, this code is not with error, but the new code is not working ,  my program accur as follows  error:


A fatal error or exception has occurred.

  Description:   An undefined instruction has been encountered (Exception with EXCAUSE=0x21).

  General Type:  UnhandledException

  Specific Type: UndefinedInstruction

  General Code:  0x9

  Specific Code: 0x21

  Error Value:   0x00130021

  Error PC:      0x000004fe


In my program, some code place in L1, some code place in DDR. Generally in what circumstances such this error will occur. How to void this

error. Thank you.