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Current Issue of ADG1414

Question asked by freewill on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by JoeCreech

Hi, everyone.


I'm using ADG1414BCPZ with +/-12V dual bias. In the datasheet, maximum leakage current of ADG1414BCPZ is just 2.5nA at 125 degree.

But, ADG1414BCPZ I'm using consumes more than 1mA, as soon as I apply power, and consumes more and more current as time goes.

10 mineut after applying power, ADG1414BCPZ consumes more than 10mA.


More severe problem is that the power consumption of ADG1414BCPZ increases very rapidly. We put the ADG1414BCPZ in the temperature chamber and

increase temperature to 71degree. One ADG1414BCPZ consumed 53mA. I have never seen the switch which consumes more than 1mA, even if high temperature.


The problems above is just related to -12V bias. Regarding the other bias (+12V), there is no problem like above.


We tested power consumption of ADG1414BCPZ without surface mounting and got the result as above.