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ADXL362 - ID

Question asked by Feras.Qammou on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by neilzhao

Hi all,


We are developing a system, that the ADXL362 is optional, that means that at production (tens of thausands of unit at year) there will be systems includeing ADXL362 and others without it (just not connected).


I'm the FW engineer, I need to check every time at power up if this device is included, so I want to read a unique ID for all ADXL362 devices that will be not changed at the next years!


which ID do you suggest to me to check?


1) DEVID_AD = 0xAD

2) DEVID_MST = 0x1D

3) PARTID = 0xF2

4) REVID = 0x01