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ADAU1446 SigmaStudio EEPROM Selfboot problem

Question asked by on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by BrettG

Hi All,


I have encountered a problem when trying to write a file to the EEPROM in 2 of my circuits. One circuit is being sent a 48khz clock, and the second a 96khz, both exhibit the same issue.


When I right click on the ADAU1446 IC icon in sigmastudio to "Write latest compilation to e2prom" it shows bytes being written, but then the DSP ceases functioning and will not boot the file from the EEPROM. Selfboot is held high, and the WP pin is low during the writing process. I have followed the instructions for writing to the EEPROM and read through the forum, but cant figure out what is happening.


I have been able to write to the EEPROM using the 1701 and 1442 DSP EVMS successfully using SigmaStudio 3.8, but just not on the 1446 with the same configuration.


Any tips or support is much appreciated,