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Integrating Visual Analaog or ADISimADC with Agilent SystemVue

Question asked by Vishnu on Aug 22, 2013
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How can I interface ADC simulation tools like Visual Analog or ADISimADC with Agilent's SystemVue software.

In the AD website I found a page mentioning, "ADISimADC is fully integrated with Agilent's SystemVue platform supporting ADC performance characterization with modern commercial wireless standards like 3GPP LTE, WiMAX, DVB-S2/T2 or advanced military software defined (SDR) radio systems." I believe, ADISimADC is already obsolete.

I want to do a system simulation using SystemVue, and I want to model the ADC non-linearities (IMD3, SFDR etc). Is it possible to integrate Visual Analog with SystemVue?

If yes, then how can I do this?