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Compare TVP5146M2 with decoder ADV7188

Question asked by Mikhail on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by joe.triggs

We have attempted to evaluate TELETEXT decoder front-ends of TVP5146M2 Texas Instruments and an unknown chip in an LG TV-set.


By adding a noise signal to the standard WST signal, we watched the “clock cracker” page. No multi-path or echo effects were imitated.

  1. TVP5146M2 (Texas Instruments) – symbol errors beginning at ~53% of 

eye-diagram height;

  1. a decoder of LG - symbol errors beginning at ~30% of eye-diagram height;


Could you please compare these "results" with robustness of ADV7188 front-end in similar conditions. TVP5146M2 (Texas Instruments) is very picky about the clock run-in sychro sequence (16-bit meander) at the beginning of a packet. Even a single "one" missing causes a dropped packet.