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Problem with code for LPC2368/ADE 7878 Evaluation Board

Question asked by pdop on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by hmani


I’m using ADE7878 eval-board and I’m trying to reflash LPC2368 processor with appropriate software.

I've tried to use ver35_20081216 project for LPC2368 (I’ve downloaded it from this forum. The same one is on evaluation board CD) using IAR Workbench but during downloading to processor there is an error. (Writing outside memory address 0x7E000). I've programed LPC2368 using FlashMagic and .hex file from Debug folder but processor doesn't start after restart. Maybe You can attach the  .hex file which was compiled in Release mode? I've tried to do it by myself using trial version program but it doesn't work (maybe You use some preprocessor instruction like STARTUP_FROM_RESET???)