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ADV7511 HDMI transmitter in TMDS-only configuration

Question asked by kermes on Aug 21, 2013
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I would like to use ADV7511 HDMI transmitter without direct connection to HDMI connector, so only the TMDS lanes would be used and switched around the board with X-Stream crosspoints to correct output ports. For the ADV7511, there would be nothing where to connect the rest of the pins that would go to HDMI connector, there is no display to detect, no EDID to be read and there is no HDCP needed, all that is handled by a HDMI tranceiver next to HDMI connector.


The datasheet is very clear how to handle CEC, CEC_CLK, HEAC+, HEAC- pins when they are not used and can just be grounded. However there is no mention how to handle the HPD, DDC_SDA and DDC_SCL pins when they are not needed. I have a feeling the ADV7511 automatically goes into powerup/powerdown state based on HPD line and might want to automatically use DDC to detect EDID or HDCP features which would not be there.


So can software have control over the ADV7511 when there is no HPD or DDC connections?

Can the HPD pin be directly connected to ground or supply voltage (and which supply voltage, 1V8 or 3V3)?

Can the DDC_SDA and DDC_SCL pins also be connected to ground or do they need pull-up resistors to some voltage?

Is there a difference in behaviour regarding the HDCP and non-HDCP parts, so do I need to specifically mount a non-HDCP or HDCP part for this or can either one work in this configuration?



- K