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AXI DMA with linux on Zedboard

Question asked by niti on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by larsc

I want to use AXI DMA Engine provided by Xilinx in my system. For that I created h/w architecture using XPS and used  generated system.bit file in creating boot.bin file. Also I enabled AXI DMA driver code available in linux GIT repository and compiled the kernel image. I also added the AXI DMA settings in DTB file. In short l did all necessary steps for booting the zedboard with linux and my FPGA design. Now I want to use AXI DMA from my software application running on Zedboard linux. But I am not getting how to initialize and transfer data to AXI DMA engine in my application code. I know linux file operations are used in case of character drivers. We can use open, read, write, ioctl in case of character drivers are loaded in kernel. But here in AXI DMA driver code (which is in xilinx_dma.c) no fops and ioctl calls are available. Can anybody tell me how to use AXI DMA engine from user application side running on linux?