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ADV7619 I2C problem

Question asked by ricky on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by DaveD

In regards to the I2C port operation of ADV7619, I have a communication trouble which occur occasionally on my board.

The trouble seems system relating issue.

The I2C SDA line stays low and no communication with MCU can be made in the failed condition.

When I tried to reset the ADV7619, its communication recovered.


I suspect that this issue occurs because of inadequate systematic design consideration on my board.

The video signal is supplied from Matrox Graphic Board in PC through 20m length Kramer HDMI cable to my board.

When I tried plug and unplug the HDMI cable, this trouble occurred in high probability.

Also, this trouble occur in high probability when I shut down and restart the PC with Matrox Graphic Board connected.


Could you please let me know If you have any advice to isolate the case of the problem and to fixing it?