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My mistake, or a possible confusion in adau1701 Datasheet?

Question asked by Skfir on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by BrettG

Hello people, I have been reading again through the adau1701's datasheet. On the page 12, in the section, which describes how the WP pin works, it is written that this pin is an open collector one (in self-boot mode) and that it must be pulled high via a resistor and connected to the WP pin on a memory IC, so that when the DSP performs writing it could pull that pin low. It is also written that the Slef-Boot operation will NOT be performed, unless the WP pin is pulled high. At the same time, on the page 49, which depicts a typical self-boot schematic, the two WP pins are just directly connected without any pull-up resistor. An error? Or I do not understand something?


One more thing: ADAU1442 datasheet, page 88 and 91, the top right corner of the IC, pin 76, the "ground" symbol is missing. It presents on the same spot on pages 89 and 90, but on the pages 88 and 91 it is missing... A typo??